Tuesday, August 28, 2012

“…Yep, just stay the course.  That was the Republican definition of leadership for the last five years before President Obama. 

Well, at least big corporations, powerful companies, are based here and they’re American:  good, loyal Americans.  We should be glad, and rest a little better, because they’re on our side… 
…Actually, corporations are not citizens, my friends.  They know no country affiliation at all:  like tribes in Africa, and many indigenous Native Americans.  They swear no oath to the flag; they choose where to live based on expediency and profitability.  And of course they can spend unlimited capital in any foreign currency to change our government for their own gain.  Their loyalty lies with their shareholders, as their stated goal is shareholder wealth maximization, and the top executives earn their salaries by meeting this goal.  If that means being multi-national and sending billions in money and jobs overseas, so be it.  As long as their profits are maximized.  That is their stated, published goal, and the basis upon which people invest in them.  So relax.  It’s all good.  Just start investing in corporations, get some skin in the game, and shut the fuck up….”

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