Tuesday, August 28, 2012

EXCERPT FROM Aldus Shrugged, a pro-Obama book, based on FACTS; not fantasy, as some anti-Obama writers love to do.  Here is my take on that lying allegedly-intellectual scumbag, Dinesh D’souzah.  (I call his character “Darvish Corsica”, a conflating of dinesh and Jerome Corsi):

“…He actually claims Obama’s anti-colonialism, and anti-American stances came from his father, who was a Kenyan Socialist or something like that.  And the publisher treats his word as gospel!’

That’s pretty much his standard blather.  He writes entire books, hypothesizing on the possibilities that our president is actually a loyal Kenyan Socialist – or is it a Kenyo-European anti-Colonialist, which is apparently the most insidious strain of the nasty hybrid Socialism and Fascism, or something like that.  Who the hell knows what he even thinks?  That’s the whole point:  it’s just crap from his own head, with no basis whatsoever.
‘He can write anything he wants and a small slice of people will slurp it up as truth!’  I said.  ‘He claims our president is bent on destroying America and all we stand for:  The strawman/bogeymen fantasy presented as fact.’

‘Yes,’ Dessa added, quickly, ‘I read a review of that garbage.  He uses the racial/cultural angle to claim that Obama’s father must have exerted a tremendous influence on his son, even though he was raised by his mom, and he only met his dad once after he was a baby.  But, by god, since his dad was a Muslim, and a Kenyan, somehow Barack himself MUST follow in his father’s path.  I swear, he subtly paints a picture of our president as a Kenyan witch doctor, or something.  He knows what he’s doing!  Dog-whistle Darvish…’
‘Dog-shit Darvish is more like it.  Dessa, if I ever write a book, you’ll know what my opinions are; I promise you that.  But there are opinions based on fact, and then there are opinions just based on belief, or from la-la land in your head.  So then just be honest and call it a novel or a comic book.  There’s tremendous responsibility that comes with free speech.  For an educated writer not to ensure people know the difference when he blathers, is disingenuous and irresponsible; and an insult to his readers.  He must think they’re all stupid.  I’m sick of people with a modicum of intelligence or power treating me like I’m stupid!’
‘Oh, I agree, and I believe that people like him cannot possibly know how petty and jealous they look, or they would be truly ashamed.’  Dessa added, ‘What’s Darvish’s next historical book going to be called:  Close Your Eyes and Imagine What If…?
‘There’s a lot of money in that garbage, but that doesn’t make it right or noble.’  I was sick of his whole act, a microcosm of the general discourse, and our acceptance of pure conjecture and pure lies.  He’s just another lying son of a bitch who knows better but acts as if he doesn’t.  Get in line behind your extremist friends, asshole, and make some more blood money off of conjecture, fear-mongering, and utterly dangerous disrespect.  You’ve found your niche market in this whole new anti-Obama industry, so go and drain some more blood.  It’s Capitalism.  Go pretend you offer something real.  Be a proud American, and remember, Americans have always supported their president when push came to shove - or at least they never delegitimized him - especially during wartime.  Do you not understand that?...”

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