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Have you no sense of decency, sir? (F U Mitt)

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Sat Aug 04, 2012 at 07:11 PM EDT

Have you no sense of decency, sir?

"Senator…Have you no sense of decency?” was uttered, quite famously, by Joseph Welch to the infamous and draconian Senator Joseph McCarthy on June 9, 1954, in response to the Senator’s relentless quest for Commie bogeymen - this time in the Army - as McCarthy went after yet another innocent naïf.  It began the downward spiral of the very powerful, world-changing Senator, and led directly to his ostracizing, and indirectly to his death as a broken fool, a mere 3 years later.
Without spoiling my book's plot, I will add that McCarthy had a profound negative influence on my father’s career as well.  Also, I am Jewish.  Thus, I do not take hitler or mccarthy references lightly.
Of course, Allen West and Michelle Bachmann have been invoking this ugly specter for several years, ad nauseum; accomplishing nothing but dragging our general discourse into the toilet (the filthiest toilet in the world), and exposing themselves as dangerous vapid fools.
“Have you no sense of decency, sir?” was uttered this past week by Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney’s Senior Campaign Advisor, in reference to Harry Reid, who had the audacity and unmitigated galt to actually speculate that there might be a real reason Willard Mitt is hiding his financial information from us.  Fehrnstrom, apparently not a subtle man, also had the unmitigated galt to add that Harry Reid’s statement that Mitt paid no taxes for years,
“reminds me of the McCarthy hearings back in the 1950s”.
Oh really, Eric?  You really believe that...or are you just being a lying asshole...again.
Fehrnstrom has been with Romney a long time, (and thus has been a lying asshole a long time) and used the same tactics in helping him campaign for the governorship of Massachusetts. In that gubernatorial race, Romney talked out of both sides of his mouth and both sides of his ass, as he insisted in Utah that he was a Utah resident, and in Massachusetts, that he was a Massachusetts resident.  Romney even blamed the dustup on an inaccurate reporter, and a clerical error in the Utah tax office (for which the clerk who entered the returns (of course without error, as Romney was lying again) actually got into trouble at her job.  (Apparently, she was just another piece of middle class collateral damage left in Romney’s considerable damaging wake (quel dommage, Mitt!))
In this very familiar episode, Fehrnstrom was deflecting, while Romney was projecting accusations back on his accusers; all the while, retroactively amending his tax returns to reflect residency in Massachusetts.  In other words, he was hiding things, lying about what he was hiding, and retroactively changing the paper trail of history all the while.  Poor Mitt was portrayed as the victim, and the awful Boston Globe and Massachusetts Dems were the draconian, unreasonable villains.  Mitt even refused a request to turn over his tax returns with all financial info redacted, and only the residency designation readable.  Yep, he turned that very reasonable request down.   All this sound familiar?
I joke aplenty that the Republicans and the media use false equivalency because it is the only weapon they’ve got; and we really shouldn’t blame them for doing it.  It’s the only weapon they’ve got, and so they use it.  After all, it’s unAmurrkan to leave one in the chamber.
But seriously, I find this practice, and the practice of invoking mccarthy, so patently offensive as to nullify and degrade he who voices it.
Are we really supposed to see Romney as a victim in all of this?
In perhaps his most disingenuous and ridiculous projection to date, Romney told the friendly Fox News that Harry Reid should “put up or shut up.”  This is the classic Rovian projection, and thank god it doesn’t appear to be working and changing the simple mind the way it used to.
Projection is the classic GOP tactic, employed again and again, to the point of total predictability.  It easily answers the question why Republicans thought Democrats wanted us to lose in Iraq to make bush look bad.  Since that is the Republicans’ entire policy position against Obama now, they certainly jumped to the conclusion in the 2000s that their political opponents would also see their country fail completely before they saw the Republican president succeed.
In related news, while Romney thought June’s job report was “a kick in the gut” to the middle class, he now says that the July jobs report is “a hammer blow” to the middle class.
I often wonder what Romney would say about his own economic ideas, if he was not the most narcissistic and dishonest politician I have seen in my lifetime.
Of course, I often wonder what his party would say about President Obama if he was not black.  Of course none of the aforementioned traits are changing anytime soon.

Have you no sense of decency, mitt?

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