Friday, December 14, 2012

Sorry, Fox & Friends, You’re NOT That Good & We’re Not All Stupid

But, by all means, please keep up your idiotic “insight”, and accept my sincere thanks for being so clueless.
Yes, I have moved on since the election, but Kos is still mining useful nuggets of data for future use; and it can’t hurt to autopsy the elephant a bit more, and mine more nuggets, (and mix more metaphors.)  Plus, it's always a good time to take down these dangerous deluded dopes.
Oy vey is fucking mir…

Keep in mind that their job is to set the tone and message of the day on the network, with their spoon-fed, conspiracy-driven, mind-numbing, hideous shite-mongering.
Shortly after the election, these 3 idiots were doing a post-mortem on the elephant carcass, and they of course blamed President Obama’s victory on Chris Christie and Hurricane Sandy (it’s ashame Bush didn’t have a hurricane, right?  It’s also ashame Bush wasn’t black.  Things would’ve been so easy for him).
Typically, this insane morning clown posse takes things even beyond where the normally hideous disingenuous and clueless GOP pundits dare tread…
They didn’t blame the liberal media, or the hurricane itself for Romney's loss, but a photo op!  Yes, they said that after four years in office, a year and a half of GOP primaries, and all of Mitt’s hard work, the American people were swayed by bullshit:

"Then we have the shallowest country in the history of man,” Kilmeade replied. “One photo op walking over a two-by-four, and suddenly he’s handling a storm – which, by the way, hasn’t been handled well.”

A photo-op of Obama stepping over a 2-by-4..  A photo-op. The smallest people think of the smallest things.
 Of course it never occurred to them that people had their minds already made up by the time Obama visited hurricane-ravaged New Jersey, or that people possibly liked what they saw Obama do,  liked his compassion, liked his policies and his values.
No, it was the photo-op of him stepping over a 2-by-4!  So many of the pundits on Fox lie for a living, but I truly believe Doocy and Kilmeade believe this.
Note to the idiots on Fox & Friends whose job it is to set the tone for the day on the network of shills and lies and elephants and tea:

Read Aldus Shrugged and tear new orifices in those who need the tearing!  We know who they are!