Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Antidote to Ayn

Aldus Shrugged is our antidote to Ayn Rand.  It was written by Floyd Blue, a patriotic Capitalist who lives and breathes in real America, and is sick of being lied to.  Aldus Shrugged skewers Ayn's "philosophy", Ayn herself, her followers, biased media outlet(s), and the ridiculously irrational opposition to President Obama.  Aldus Shrugged is a novel which tells this damn fine story of greed and betrayal and hilarious deconstruction of the post-modern GOP.

      It also answers the eternal question:  Who Is John Gall?

      Aldus Shrugged is available now in convenient salable packages on amazon.com

Yes, I am sick of the GOP! Give me Relief! 

Order before midnight tonight! (Although operators will be standing by after midnight, too.)

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